Family Tree

Our extensive research can be discovered in the following documents. Please note these can only be read online, they cannot be downloaded or printed.


1. My family tree - AD900 to the present

Filename: FamilyTree2017


2. 'Edmondsham Orcuth' Court Baron 1290 to present day

Filename: EdPainBaron


3. Matthew Gournay biography as soldier and statesman.

Filename: MatthewGournayChaucerKnight

4. Richard Goz, his father Turstin Goz Norman Ambassador to Britain; Ansfrid Goz and, as First Sword and Shield protecting Edward I, his son Marquess Robert Tilleul Prince of Gwynedd were in Britain from at least 1052 – this document explaining how Earl of Chester Principality split off, from the Tamworth Castle (Scrivelsby) Goz Office, Champion and Constable of the Wolfcoats for Normandy & Britain, by marriage to the family of the Earls of Mercia

Filename: Coram Rege Roll Hilary 14 Richard II

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